Ski Rental

Our partner Hyrskidan are every day at the hotel from 08:30-10:30 AM during the winter season. Here you can easily pick up your pre-booked skis, ski boots change or get help with other equipment.

Do yourself the favor and pre-book your rental equipment. When you make the reservation you can choose to get it free delivered to the hotel in the morning so that you quick and easy can go out and enjoy the slops.

Hyrskidan has extensive experience in the rental and are available to help you set up your skis and check that the boots fit comfortably so that you get the best possible experience when you´re out in the slops.

Pre book you equipment here.

Ski pass

You buy the ski pass through SkiStar. The closest and smoothest merchant from the hotel is reachable in only about 5 minutes. You put on your skis and go out to the west of the hotel, take the ski slope Å74: Stjärnbacken, where you in the bottom of it can buy your ticket inside the station of the cable car (Kabinbanan).

An alternative is to pre-book your ski pass. See prices and pre book here.