Åre Bergbana

The well-known mountain railway “Åre Bergbana” that easily takes you between the central square and Hotel Fjällgården was completed in 1910 and is one of the first ski lifts in the village. Today it is in the hands of Skistar, who keeps it running during the opening hours of the ski system. Besides that Hotel Fjällgården runs it evenings and other days of the year such as during summer season and when other happenings are taking place in Åre.

The funicular leaves every 20 minute from both top- and valley station and is free for our hotel- and restaurant guests. The travel takes about 7 minutes one way.

Opening hours

Åre Bergbana is for now closed and will start running again in the middle of December. From then it will start in the morning, stop in the evening with 20 minutes between each take-off.


Adults                                    60 SEK
Children under 7yrs       Always free of charge

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